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History of Chlorine in Drinking Water

In the early 1900s, life was very different in the United States. Waterborne diseases like typhoid fever and dysentery were a common part of life—and a common cause of death, too.

But that all changed with a single significant advancement in public health: the introduction of chlorine in drinking water. We have Dr. John L. Leal to thank for this. His courage and persistence improved public health in our country and all over the world.

We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about this exciting achievement with the following:

Celebrate Water Chlorination
A short video that provides an overview of how Dr. John L. Leal pioneered drinking water chlorination in the United States.

When Drinking Water Become Safer
Dr. Michael McGuire, award-winning author of The Chlorine Revolution, offers an engaging and in-depth history of drinking water chlorination in the United States.

The Chlorine Revolution Public Health Webinar Series
If you work for a public health educational institution and are interested in having your own live webinar featuring Dr. Michael J. McGuire, click here to learn more about the topic and how to schedule it.

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