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Chlorine in Transportation

Chlorine chemistry keeps us moving

Chlorine chemistry helps gets you where you need to go. Whether you’re in a car, a boat, a train, or a plane, chlorine chemistry helps make your trip possible. It contributes to your safety in the form of shatter-resistant windows and life-saving air bags, as well as to your comfort with things like seat cushions. Chlorine chemistry is also essential in making all kinds of transportation products operate and move smoothly. Read more on how chlorine is used in other industries such as construction, energy production, healthcare, advanced technology.

Chlorine chemistry: Hard at work in transportation

Jet engine shaft, engine nacelle, wing structure, shatter-resistant windows, wire and cable, fuselage, seat cushions and covers, headlamp lenses, tire cord, bumpers, sealants, paint, fan belts, airbags, brake fluids, steel hull, navigation systems

Chlorine In The News

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